AIMP Portable


The portable version of this powerful audio player


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AIMP is an incredible program that is totally free. You will be able, not only to listen to your audio files but also make your first steps as DJ and even do recordings.

Developed in an interface that reminds to Winamp, what’s most surprising of AIMP is the great amount of functions that are incorporated in one interface. The program handles quite some audio formats, amongst the most popular: MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, MOD, MP2, MP1...

Thanks to its simple equalizer, you will also be able to apply different effects to the song that´s playing like play it with an echo or reverberation, chorus improvement, speed changes, etc.

AIMP incorporates various secondary tools like a sound recorder with which you will be able to make your own recordings not only of what´s on the program but also of any other sounds in the PC, an audio file converter or a tag editor.

Furthermore, this version is portable, so it doesn´t require any type of installation. You only have to extract the files and you will be able to use your AIMP in any computer.
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